In 1980, RFE started with a mission to bring Canada's top brands to Greenland. Today our network includes 1000 boutique retailers, major department stores and online shops.

Photograph by: Lars Svankjaer

Canada Goose

For 13 years, RFE has shared the Canada Goose brand story across Greenland, Alaska, and Western Canada, from the infancy of the brand to its current global success.

  • 2012 Canada Goose International Distributor of the Year.
  • 2012 Canada Goose Sales Agency of the Year.

Manitobah Mukluks

RFE partnered with Metis entrepreneur, Sean McCormick, to create an Aboriginal-owned global fashion brand: Manitobah Mukluks.

Today, Manitobah is Canada's fastest-growing footwear brand.


RFE introduced iconic Canadian BRP brand, Ski-Doo, to Greenland in 2005 and began pioneering and building market share for Evinrude, another legendary BRP brand in 2017.

Brand Champions

  • <strong>Ray Fine</strong> is a pioneer in Canadian-Greenlandic business relations.</p><p>As RFE's founder, Ray's approach to brands is grounded in insights gained over decades of collaboration with business owners and industry leaders in the north.</p><p>Today, Ray's presence and focus serve as a foundation for all RFE operations.</p>Ray Fine
  • <p><strong>Josh Fine</strong> is the CEO Ray Fine Enterprises. He is also part owner of iconic Canadian footwear brand Manitobah Mukluks and serves on the Board of Directors of leading Food Distributor CB Powell.</p><p>Prior to RFE, Josh was a Management consultant to Fortune 500 companies.</p>Josh Fine
  • <p><strong>Waneek Miller</strong> is a former Captain of the Canadian Olympic Water Polo Team and one of North America's most inspiring motivational speakers.</p><p> Having travelled and trained all across Canada, Waneek provides RFE with an elite athlete‚Äôs perspective on high-performance apparel.</p>Waneek Miller
  • <p><strong>Aron Slipacoff</strong> is an Arctic adventurer and volunteer, and has provided support for RFE brands globally over the past 12 years.</p><p> As a former Canadian history magazine editor and PR strategist for global consumer brands, Aron offers a wealth of marketing and communications experience to RFE partners.</p> Aron Slipacoff
  • <ul><li><strong>Martin Ratajczak</strong>: Avid outdoorsman, camping enthusiast</li><li>Extensive experience in outdoor performance apparel market</li><li>Expert in outdoor performance apparel</li><li>Develops product knowledge programs and product testing for RFE</li></ul>Martin Ratajczak


Ray Fine Enterprises
996 Aylmer Road, Gatineau, QC, Canada J9H 5V1


Ray Fine Enterprises
996 Aylmer Road, Gatineau, QC, Canada J9H 5V1


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RFE offers a wide range of services to global fashion, outdoor, and lifestyle brands. 35 years ago we pioneered the sharing of global brands in Greenland and the Arctic and today we build brands, share brand stories and maintain top positioning at retailers across the world.